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Design Your Own Antenna RF Radiation Tester

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The # 49 Lamp will require around 100 Millie watts of RF to light up lamp at 6 inches away from element.
The # 47 Lamp will require around 1 watts of RF to light up lamp. So pick a lamp with low millamps ... OK
With this tester you can check your HT's rubber duck antennas as well as check the radiation
coming off of your antenna elements. Of course; you will need to apply RF to the antenna to this.
Tester is Good for:
Checking antenna gain, element spacing, element directors & reflectors, angle of radiation, downward tilt,
 mobile wipes, rubber ducks, and etc.  ( With a #49 lamp, a 5 element beam, and 10 watts the lamp will light
up in front of the beam a good 15 feet away. )

I made mine out of telescoping wipes mounted on a yard stick.
....... That way I can adjust antenna lengths for each band.
And I can hold onto the wood and not short out the antenna