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 KK1CW Antenna Programs  User's Guide
Antenna Programs By Walt Lau
This Web Site allows you to transfer data between my web pages and your computer.
The detailed information found in these excel antenna programs will aloud you to start building and designing your own antennas with great results.

        Getting Started                                    Misc. Ant. Programs


  • MS Excel Software for the antenna programs
  • Any Compatible Computer (Using MS Office with Excel Software Installed.
  • Some Knowledge in Antenna Construction my be necessary.

Installing / Downloading
  1. If you already have MS Excel in your computer you can proceed by picking a antenna program in a zipped file to download.  The Zipped file will download to your computer to be saved in a location of your choice. 
     2.  If you do not already have MS Excel in your computer, you can proceed by picking a antenna program zipped
          file and download it to a 3  1/2" floppy and take it to someone who has MS Excel.

Advanced Features
  • Information for Building Wire antenna:  ( Download excel file zipped here ) Wire antenna  
  • Antenna Tester:  ( A Simple RF testing device that you can build that really works.)  Ant Tester 
  • Limitations: No limitations on these antenna programs .  They are all mine / Free to you to use.
  • Design and build your own Repeater duplexes using Excel - download zipped file here  Duplexes
  • Design and build your own Power Dividers/combiners - download Excel zipped file power dividers
  • Very Hot My New Designs for 2 meter SSB Mobile - 2 half wave bent into a square - giving you 360      degrees horizontally polarized radiation with gain / 1:1 SWR / 50 Ohm match / download Excel file                                                                                                                                                     2M SSB Mobile

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