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KK1CW Repeater Antennas How They Are Constructed     See an Example 2 M Antenna in Excel

Note 1: The 1/2 wave elements are made with 50 ohm coax 
with the outer conductor removed.  The center conductor is placed
inside each one of the 3/8 inch copper tubing elements

Note 2: The antenna is housed in fiberglass designed for RF use.
             Fiberglass and other material used to house the antenna
             are very important because the lengths of the antenna elements
             will or may be affected.

Note 3: The 5/8 wave element on top of the antenna will provide enough
             downward tilt and low angle of RF at the horizon to make it very
              affective for long hauls. For more gain just add more 1/2 waves elements.
             Anything more or less than 5/8 wave at the top will give you less RF
             at the horizon.